Hot Pants for Pole Dancing an Ideal Accessory

hot pants

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You may be thinking about taking up pole dancing and you’ve had a look at some pole dancing videos on YouTube or you’ve already been to your first pole dancing class, but what does one wear in order to make the lessons easier as well as feeling comfortable. Seeing what the girls on the pole are wearing for the first time, and how skimpy pole dancing wear is, can be a bit of a shock. So why do girls wear these skimpy shorts and tops? And will wearing hot pants as pole dance-wear, make your pole dancing lessons any easier?

Just like exercising at the gym or competing in a competitive sport, wearing specialist clothing like hot pants for pole dancing will increase performance as well as lower difficulty levels, making it easier for you to execute maneuvers on the pole. The reason for this is simple, thee pole sticks to the pole dancer’s skin and not to clothing and so wearing as least clothing as possible gives you more control enabling your body to cling to the pole on the more difficult moves.

At High Heels in Surry Hills we have a wide range of pole dancing clothing including Hot Pants, Tops and Bras in our new Glam Pole Dance Wear section. Pole dance clothing that will not only make you look and feel amazing but will increase performance and make your pole dancing lessons so much easier.