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Over the last decade we have seen the performance art of pole dancing reach new heights. A decade ago the art of pole dancing mainly took place in strip clubs by performance artists that we simply labeled as strippers who were fantasized over rather than admired for their skill on the pole. Since the mid 2000s however promoters of pole dance fitness competitions have put their upmost into changing the public’s minds about the status of pole dance which over the last few years has been influenced by the art of Chinese pole, making it more of a legitimate form of dance fused with skillful acrobatics.

In a pole dance competition the performance is increasingly performed in a non-erotic way combining the maneuvers of gymnastics and a range of other dancing styles. But although pole dancing itself has advanced so much over the last decade one factor still remains the same, and that is that in order for the artist to retain a grip on the pole and perform their more advanced moves, then a fair amount of skin must be revealed. This has led to a growing demand for unique performance clothing.

Pole dancewear like the performance art itself as also advanced to new heights, with designer fashion houses such as Forplay coming on board bringing us performance dancewear such as bras and tops fused with fashions from the past. The latest retro fashion to make a comeback through pole dancing competitions is ‘Glam’ with Forplay and Bodyzone Apparel leading the way and so High Heels, Surry Hills as recently launched the Glam Pole Dance Wear section of our website with two sub categories Glam  Hot Pants and Sexy Shorts and Tops and Bras.

We have one of the finest selections of Glam Tops and Bras that you will find online with push up bras, twist tops and other retro designs in an array of colours using materials reminiscent of the ‘Glam Rock’ era such as sequins, studs, vinyl and even spikes. So click here to take a look at our Glam Pole Dance Bras and Tops and check out our amazing collection for yourself.