Funtasma Boots and Lucious Shoes

Over the last 20 years one company has become synonymous with specialty high heel shoes, launching 6 different unrivaled brands to deliver a variety of sophisticated, dressy, fashionable and retro styles, Pleaser Shoes has made a name for itself in the world of fashion and the catwalk and Pleaser’s ‘Luscious Shoes’ brand are a regularly featured item in glamour publications, regarded as the essence of instantly gained glamour at an affordable price. Lucious shoes carry the torch for glitzy red carpet footwear with snazzy styles, displaying unique details in delicious looking materials and handcrafted with the pinnacle of great workmanship.

From ‘Lucious Shoes’ to ‘Funtasma Boots’, browsing our site between these two Pleaser brands shows the diversity that Pleaser Shoes has to offer. ‘Lucious’ shoes are ideal for fashionable parties and glitzy red carpet ceremonies, whereas Pleaser’s ‘Funtasma Boots’ brand will complete your Halloween fancy dress costume off with style. Funtasma Boots cater for all ages and genders with fictional and renaissance styles that range from kids’ Dorothy slippers, men’s Superhero and Pirate Boots to glass slippers plus a lovely collection of women’s sexy shoes and boots and costume finishers.

Order Pleaser’s Lucious and Funtasma Shoes from us at plus view a vast range of styles from all 6 pleaser brands by visiting or main site.

Funtasma Shoes and Boots Sydney

Buy Funtasma Shoes and Boots Sydney

Lucious High Heel Shoes by Pleaser

Lucious High Heel Shoes by Pleaser