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Buy Fetish Uniforms and Costumes Sydney

Fetish clothing such as costumes come in any style or appearance and are basically a type of clothing which is designed or created to be extreme or provocative and get lots of hoos and ahhs. Fetish clothing are not every day styles to be worn by everyone but  can be made from leather, latex, PVC, fishnet and a host of other materials including even stainless steel. Fetish wear items made from these materials can includes  stiletto heel shoes and also boots with stiletto heels, plus fetish clothes such as, fishnet stockings, hobble skirts, corsets and miniskirts, most of which you can find as part of our fetish costumes on our site or in our store at Surrey Hills, Sydney.

In the uniform and costume section of our online store you will find an array of stylized costumes based on more traditional outfits, such as, the public schoolgirl uniform, French maid outfits and air-hostess costumes plus leather straps, belts, buckles, collars and studs on our range of spandex military uniforms.

We also have a fine selection of fetish accessories for you to view such as garters, corsets, sexy panties, suspenders and even ballerina’s tutus in the burlesque section of our site. And for those dominatrix out there who like to dress up in latex body suits, Demonia shoes by Pleaser are the perfect fetish footwear to put the finishing touch to your outfit.