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Where striptease began as a performance art is widely disputed, with some saying that it started in ancient Babylonia and others saying that it didn’t become regarded as an art form until 20th century America. It wasn’t until 1932 when the term striptease was first recorded but the word ‘stripping’, where a woman excites men by removing her clothes goes back at least four hundred years, with artists removing clothes to music as far back as the 1700s, entertaining high end aristocrats.

Striptease is frowned upon by some admired by others, but one thing is for certain, striptease is a performing art and the performers who perform a strip, known as strippers are artists and should be regarded as such. Just like other arts, stripping as evolved over the years, developing into a combination of pole dancing and erotic dance, with the artists practicing for hours to perfect their erotic dance routines.

But it doesn’t stop there, girls who are just starting out in the business need to know what to wear and wear to buy it. For an art form like this you need to know what erotic dancewear will help you move more freely, feel more comfortable on stage without looking trashy, and if your act involves pole dancing, the right thing to wear in order to give you the right amount of grip on the pole.

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