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There is a stigma attached to pole dancing, that deters young women from taking it up in some parts of the world, and that is that pole-dancing started in the strip clubs of Las Vegas. Thinking that taking up pole dancing will turn a young girl into a stripper is, pretty damned stupid. Pole dance is not just a performance art but a fitness exercise that empowers women and not only gives them a fantastic workout that tones their bodies but builds self-confidence, allowing them to meet new friends while taking up alternative exercise. The stigma attached to pole dance is also wrapped around pole dancing footwear, particularly stripper shoes.

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Stripper shoes otherwise known as stripper heels have many practical uses and can be a great advantage for those who get their exercise from pole dancing. There are very few downsides with many advantages to wearing this specialist footwear, with some pole dance schools even encouraging the use of stripper shoes in their classes. Not only does this type of shoe look cute, help with posture, give great shape to the wearers’ legs and offer extra height which gives the illusion of slenderness but they also have other more practical reasons too.

For one, wearing platform stripper heels controls bruising and scrapes that may occur on the feet, offering protection from friction caused by your feet rubbing against the pole. The materials from which they are made also help in the development of your pole dancing skills helping you cling to the pole easier at the beginning stages while your leg muscles are still developing. Pole dancing shoes may also help you to execute maneuvers more graceful than without adding extra momentum to your moves.

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