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Some of the most powerful and famous men of all time, were a little on the short side, take Napoleon Bonaparte for example. Men like Napoleon however, who had power and the popularity on their side, were lucky enough to get the confidence boost they needed to get on with their lives, others were not so lucky. For some a lack of height became a psychologically burden and searched for a solution to this problem, giving rise to men’s high heel shoes.

What was once a realistic cure for short stature has over the years become an appealing fashion accessory, helped along by modern age fashion movements such as ‘Glam’ and ‘Disco’. The common misconception that high heel shoes are worn solely by women hasn’t helped the stigma surrounding men’s high heel shoes, but in a city as cosmopolitan and as tolerant as Sydney, for example, there is plenty of freedom to openly express your dress sense or sexuality without fear of being ridiculed.

There was a time when High heels for men may have been something to be embarrassed about but not anymore. For those of you are wishing to buy men’s high heels in Sydney look no further than our store at Surry Hills or take a look at the plus size section of our site.