Buy High Heel Platforms Online

Buy High-Heel Platforms Online

Buy High-Heel Platforms Online

Platform shoes are a shoe that became popular in fashion in the age of disco, the 70s, when they became known as the disco boot, but the history of the platform boot goes way back. People have worn platform shoes in some form or other, to give added height or as fashion footwear in different cultures since ancient times.

In 16th century Venice platform shoes were used to raise the height of high class prostitutes and courtesans and even before that in ancient Greece they were put to the same sort of use, giving height to important characters on the theatrical stage. People found another use for platforms in the 18th century Europe, where the city streets were so caked in muck that they helped carry the wearer over the dirt ridden cobbles thus protecting their clothes.

From Japan to China to ancient Rome platform shoes have certainly had many different practical uses but it wasn’t until modern times that they made the transition into the fashion accessory that they are today. The transition began in the 1930s through to the 1950s where they were quite popular in Europe, Britain and the USA. In the 1960s to 1980s, high heeled shoes reached new heights in popularity, sported by hippies, disco dancers and even teddy boys with high heel platforms making their way into main stream fashion for the first time.

In the early 1990s, the UK fashion designer Vivienne Westwood re-introduced platform high heel shoes into high-fashion, leading to one very famous photo of Supermodel Naomi Campbell picking herself up off the catwalk after falling in a pair of five inch platforms with nine inch heels. However it was still very slow before platform high heels really caught on but in the mid-2000s they made their biggest comeback ever. With the rise in popularity of pole-dancing high-heeled platforms became the ultimate pole dancewear fashion accessory.

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