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The ultimate accessory, the icing-on-the-cake to any woman’s wardrobe is a stunning pair of shoes; the right pair can bring an outfit together and make a significant difference to how it is perceived and just by changing a pair of shoes, you can change the style of an outfit altogether. Notice how a pair of jeans are made sexy by slipping on a pair of high heels, or given the casual look by sliding on a pair of flip flops; from dull to fabulous in a matter of seconds, this is the effect a quick change of footwear has.

If you are looking for inspiration to add that touch of class or glamour to your eveningwear look no further than the stars of the burlesque stage. These sexy performers know the power that a sexy pair of high heel shoes has on their audience. Burlesque dancers choose a special kind of shoe with a certain style and glamour for their performances, a style that cannot be mistaken amongst other high heel platforms.

Bordello Teeze Shoes

Buy Bordello Teeze Shoes Sydney

With Bordello and Bordello Teeze shoes you can take the teasing style of these high heel shoes wherever you go to any occasion even a wedding, just by selecting a pair of Bordello burlesque shoes that lets your inner dancer shine through.

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