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Burlesque Pin-Up Shoes

Burlesque Pin-Up Shoes

There’s a genre of live art that is much more exciting than the Broadway musicals that pack out theatres with wannabe upper class clientele, a style of performance art that has been tantalizing patrons of the arts for over 300 years and this live art form is known as Burlesque. Burlesque is a perfect mixture of theatre, comedy and teasing, which goes to show why it has stayed so popular right to this day.

Originally the Burlesque performances made a satire of the events of the day, and people packed the pubs, theatres and dance halls just as much for the comedy as they did for the pretty women who would all throw a bit of a striptease into the act and more often than not their voluptuous, female bodies were barely covered up by tassels, fans, feathers and a pair of sexy shoes. Burlesque shoes became a fashion in their own right and this fashion has recently made a comeback.

Burlesque shoes, brightly patterned and large-heeled were a large part of these flamboyant live stage shows and in the early years of burlesque it would not have been politically correct to flaunt this style of shoe in any other situation than on stage, but the tide has changed immensely over the years and burlesque footwear often called ‘pin up shoes’ are now more in demand than ever before as a fashion item or performance art accessory.

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