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High Heel Platform BootS - Extraordinary

Thigh High Platform BootS – Extraordinary

There’s nothing sexier than a lady who is wearing a pair of platform boots. The extra height given to her by wearing platform soles adds to the sexiness of her boots which may cover just the calves or go up as high as her thighs. While most sexy boots are still in the traditional black, we have a wide range of colours in many styles and every popular size, as well as smaller and larger than usual. Our platform boots also come at the best prices, and with free shipping across Australia.

Our range starts at prices lower than $100 and only one or two pairs are just over $200. This makes choosing even more difficult, but we know our customers just love browsing the pages. Most end up buying more than they first planned to, then come back for more in a month or less. The popularity of our stocks of platform boots comes from the quality, prices and the service which we feel is second to none.

Buying platform boots at affordable prices online is very simple, and can save lots of time and money. The problem is choosing between our dozens of designs in a wide variety of colours. While our Delight range is very popular and has the most designs, Adore is the current best seller. The Kiss 3000 is also easily in the top ten, mainly due to the in-your-face sexiness, quality and excellent price. For those who don’t want to follow the crowds the Delight 3028 has buckles and laces to drive any man wild.

Lengths vary for our platform boots, but calf-length and thigh-high boots make up our current top ten of most popular styles, with fewer knee-length platform boots being as popular. The Adore 2000 series are extremely sexy, and featured during this period. The Adore 2043 are arguably the most outrageous boots available. They have 6” heels, 8 buckles and a side zip. And at just $149, they are excellent value. At a similar price and less, there is a good selection of ankle-length platform boots in colours other than black. The Blondie R-1008 complements the slightly less expensive Delight 1018 range. Finally, as far as our customers are concerned, the stretch-fit lycra Delight 3005 are among the best rated platform boots on sale, and they come in a range of colours with 6” heels.

Our range of platform boots is constantly changing, yet always great. Please enjoy browsing the pages and contact us with any questions.