Pole Dance Shoes for Pole Dancers

Sexy Pole Dancing Shoes by Pleaaser

Sexy Pole Dancing Shoes by Pleaaser

Almost every occupation in the world requires footwear to be worn. Although some jobs don’t, most do. One of the jobs where the footwear worn is most important is pole dancing.

Although pole dancing is still considered to be an occupation in the sex industry, it has recently evolved to much more than that. There are now even universities and colleges treating it as a genuine, and respectable, career path. Regardless of how pole dancers are viewed by others, the occupation will continue to be popular in the western world. Slim and sexy young ladies perform up, down and around stainless steel poles on a stage, in an effort to stimulate and entertain their audience, most of whom are normally males drinking alcohol.

When a pole dancer enters the stage, she may be wearing a costume, some sexy lingerie or almost nothing at all. Most commonly, by the end of the performance, she will be wearing very little or nothing in the form of clothing. Make up and jewellery will bring some colour to her face and upper body, but more often than not, there will be very little covering up her skin below the waist. That is, apart from what she wears on her feet.

For an impressive and effective pole dance, the performer needs absolute confidence in her footwear. This confidence is vital for at least two reasons. Firstly, her ability to physically perform her dance is dependent on the pole dance shoes or boots that she wears. A low quality pair or ones which don’t fit will make it either difficult or dangerous, increasing the risk of injury. Secondly, she needs to feel good. This is not just the feeling of comfort and that the shoes or boots will stand up to the job, but also another kind of feeling. Women and ladies are very sensitive about their appearance in the eyes of others. If they want or mean to look attractive, they are very conscious of how attractive they may appear to others. This is the same for ladies who are attempting to draw attention from onlookers by being sexy. Shoes for pole dancers should look sexy, Because if pole dancers don’t feel that they look sexy, this will inhibit their confidence and performance.

Pole dance shoes and boots are probably the most important item that a pole dancing lady will wear during her performance. They enable her to do what she’s paid for, and do so in comfort and safety. Also, they help her to feel that she looks good, and that invariably affects how much she can earn from each dance.