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High Heel Shoes, the Popular Choice for Generations

High heels have been a very popular fashion item for generations now. It’s something that will never go away. Ladies want to feel

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or look tall among others and are prepared to go to all kinds of lengths to achieve this.

Why Women Wear High Heels

Ladies around the world tend to be shorter than men. This is not always the case, but more often than not. With height, comes attention, and often respect and a certain amount of power. In addition, women like to look attractive, and long legs add to their attraction. Therefore, for the aforementioned reasons, there are women of all ages and from all walks of life around the world who want to at least appear taller than they really are. This desire has led to the creation and popularity of high heel shoes, most of which are worn by females.

High heel shoes are rarely comfortable, and in fact they can be dangerous. Not only could a broken heel or slip cause an injury, but in the most extreme cases a lady wearing high-heeled shoes would be far less able to flee an incident such as a fire or violent attack. However, they still sell well in all countries and in large numbers. In fact, there are women who appear to collect them, with sometimes dozens of pairs, many of which look the same.

So, why do so many females around the globe put their comfort and health at risk just to look a little taller? Well, for some it’s about following peers or a fashion, but for many it’s all in the feeling. Not necessarily the physical feeling, but more in the psychological feeling of knowing that she is attractive, and able to compete with others for attention and respect. Office staff, from lowly secretaries to high-flying bosses, often wear shoes with high heels. It’s almost the norm, like a uniform.

However, out of the workplace, ladies still like to be attractive. In fact, they have even more freedom to do so and many buy and wear more extravagant footwear such as platform shoes for women. Platform shoes tend to have larger heels and extended soles, really increasing the height of the lady wearing them. But cute shoes and sexy shoes for women don’t have to be ever-so high or outrageous. They can be just a nice pair of shoes which add something gentle and attractive to a lady, complimenting her appearance or even drawing attention away from something she wants to hide. Whatever the reasons women buy and wear shoes, the market will continue to thrive for as long as we’re on this planet. Retail shops used to be where most shopping takes place, but now may buy online, and this is very much the case for women’s shoes, too.