The Wide Range of Heels on Offer at Our shop

The Types of Heels Available at include the Adore 701 shoe

While many people instantly think of high heels as a pair of sexy stilettos, this is just a fraction of the many brands, styles and colours of high heel shoes available for both men and women. Of course, the vast majority of height-increasing footwear is for the fairer of the two genders, and many styles are designed to add appeal for admirers of the opposite sex. However, there are dozens of styles in several genres, as well as hundreds of brands and dozens of colours. Husbands and boyfriends may wonder why their ladies take so long choosing and have such a wide range of shoes, but there are plenty of reasons.

Each pair of shoes needs to appropriately fit both the clothing and the occasion. A colour or style which is just slightly wrong can give the wrong impression at an important time in both social and business situations. In addition, shoes are worn. They need to be comfortable for standing and walking. It’s very difficult to make attractive shoes comfortable, or sensible and comfortable shoes attractive, so there needs to be a balance or compromise at all times.

Heel heights vary greatly, with the highest being mainly for special occasions and worn only by experienced heel wearers. Generally, the taller a lady appears, the better she looks, but there is a limit before things become silly. 12cm is considered to be a normal height for high heels, ensuring attractive or sexy appearance but not going too far. There are, of course, higher heels, as well as much more moderate heights and styles.

The different heel heights and styles depend on the situation, and how much discomfort the wearer can tolerate. There are also different thicknesses of heels, as well as an uncountable combination of upper styles and colours. The range is so wide, there’s hardly enough space in our store or for pictures on the website, never mind space here to explain them all. One thing is for certain; any ladies, and some gentlemen, who want to enhance their appearance by increasing their height can find what they’re looking for with us. We have on offer hundreds of different shoes in all types of heels and in all the popular shoe sizes. Whether you’re after something practical with just a little lift for confidence or a pair of pole dancing or stripper shoes we have the lot. Click to contact us or visit the store, but make sure you put some time aside. The choice and range is so large, you may be here a while.