Naked Footwear, Sexy High Heel Shoes for Pole Dancers

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View Our Popular Pole Dancing Shoes

Most people, especially adults, wear some kind of clothing almost all day long, even at night. When they go outside, they put shoes on. Other than in certain adult movies, it is almost unheard of for people to be naked, but still wearing shoes or boots. However, there is one occupation, albeit a job with arguable merits and authenticity, which requires those employed to wear nothing but a pair of sexy shoes. Pole dancing may be seen as glorified prostitution in some quarters, but it has recently become an extremely popular hobby and even taught at some respectable universities around the world.

Although many pole dancers finish their performances wearing nothing but their pole dancing shoes this is not the case for all of them. There are those who use the art for fitness or just something to entertain their partners. In addition, less pornographic pole dancers, or those who don’t feel that they have to bare all to gain and keep attention, will dance on stage or on the floor wearing little, but wearing something. A sexy bikini or negligee can complement a great pair of shoes, the lady’s figure, and her performance.

With regards to which shoes are best for pole dancing, it is a common mistake for some to believe that the higher the heels and sexier the look the better. While a pair of flat-soled sandals would obviously be out of place, the purchaser of pole dancing shoes has more to think about than just sexy looks. Yes, their appearance is the most important aspect, but the shoes usually need to compliment (not clash with) several different costumes, hair colours, and possibly even dancers. High heel shoes for pole dancers are not cheap, so they may have to be worn for multiple performances during an evening.

Another important aspect is quality. Although they are not going to be worn in extreme weather or walking conditions, they simply cannot be cheap, low-quality products which are all look and no substance. The lady or ladies who wear the shoes to perform in must have confidence that they won’t break. Such breaks in the middle of a dance could cause serious injuries. In addition, comfort is important, to allow the lady to focus on her dance. Finally, she needs to feel special. There’s often nothing else on display than her body and shoes, and she wants to feel good in what she’s wearing.

Buying pole dancing shoes is not just a simple case of the highest sexiest heels in colours such as red or black. There’s much more to it than that.