It’s Not Just Women Who Wear High Heels, we Have High Heels for Men

Plus Size Shoes for Men

Plus Size Shoes for Men

Although most either never knew or have forgotten, high heel shoe­s and boots were first made for and worn by men. Ok, so it was several centuries ago, but it’s just one more supporting argument for the thousands of men in the western world today who wear high heel shoes, in a variety of styles and for several different reasons.

Kings, dukes and other regal VIPs in past centuries followed the fashion, and wanted something to boost their power and importance, by wearing boots and shoes with heels to accentuate their stature. The most famous may be Napoleon Bonaparte, but before and since his time, there were many others.

Nowadays, men, both famous and not, choose to wear high heels for a variety of reasons. Most obvious would be those who like to dress up in drag. These are not all transvestites. It depends on their reasons. And a much smaller percentage than many would presume are actually homosexual. There are dozens of personal reasons why fully-grown men choose to wear high heel shoes in ladies’ styles.

In addition, there are also a vast number of totally straight men who just feel that they need to appear taller than they really are. Their reasons are usually to improve or enhance their self-confidence at social and business occasions. There are quite a few A-list celebrities who are shorter than they would like the general public to be aware of. Maybe the most famous is a certain American Hollywood action movie actor. A top ranking French politician and even the world’s most famous talent show host and judge are both rumoured to regularly wear some kind of high heels for men. Finally, two extremely famous rock stars, one from Ireland and the other from England, have been seen to wear reinforced heels, concealed lifts, bulky shoes, or stack heels.

Depending on his need, there are all kinds of high heel shoes for men in most foot sizes. Regular-looking stiletto shoes in men’s sizes but women’s styles are commonly sold, as are those types of shoes which don’t detract from the wearer’s macho look one little bit, but can give him an extra two or three inches of confidence-inspiring height. Fortunately for the consumers in this sensitive market, those selling high heels for men are aware of the need for discretion, with most never even meeting their customers, as the products are sold here, online.