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Any lady who wants to be noticed for her sexy appearance will know just how important her pair of shoes are. Over the decades ladies shoe designs have evolved, becoming higher and higher, with new colours and materials used. Nowadays, just wearing a brightly coloured pair of high heeled shoes is rarely enough. To grab attention, and keep it, the sexiest ladies need something outrageous, yet something that can be worn comfortably and walked, or danced, in. Introducing the latest from Pleaser, Pleaser Moon platform shoes are guaranteed to turn every head in the room or street. With a large space between the upper and the sole, filled with a glittery, sparkling surface, these shoes have a revolutionary design, but are easy to wear for almost any occasion. The seven inch heels are supported by a large platform.

It’s not only the design and heel height that draws wanted attention for any pair of ladies’ shoes. The colour is vital. The Pleaser Moon range comes in ten striking colours, with one to match every outfit or gown. From silver with sparkles through turquoise to violet, this range of colours is vibrant and incredibly sexy. The shoes are also excellent value, at less than one hundred and forty dollars.

What few do not notice about the Moon range of ladies’ shoes, is the clear upper and buckled strap across the ankle. Whether the lady wearing the shoes is walking or dancing, these sexy footwear items need to stay on her feet and remain safe and comfortable yet show as much of her foot as possible. The transparent synthetic material allows for all of the attention to be taken by the soles and heels, while keeping a certain amount of practicality.

The only difficult decisions regarding the Pleaser Moon range are which colour(s) to buy and how often can she get away with wearing such outrageously sexy footwear. The latter of the decisions purely depends on the lady’s lifestyle and confidence. The colours, however, are all so attractive, that many customers buy more than one pair. Silver chrome is neutral and can compliment anything else that the lady is wearing. Gold chrome, Fuchsia, chrome, bright pink chrome, and other chromes, such as royal blue, purple and turquoise, need a little more thought and care when being chosen to match an evening dress or other attire. Whichever colour is chosen, the latest Moon range from Pleaser is bound to draw lots of attention for ladies all over the world.

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