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Ladies who dance on stage, especially those who finish their performance wearing less than when they started, need confidence in their shoes. Confidence not only that they look fantastic, but also confidence that the shoes are practical and comfortable enough to be able to be performed in. Although there are hundreds of designs and dozens of colours available, choosing stripper shoes can easily be narrowed down to those products which are designed and manufactured properly. Only the best quality footwear should be worn in all professional occupations, and dancing is no exception. For some, the footwear is the focal point of the wardrobe, and especially so when most or all of the rest has been removed. As most stripper stages are at the audience’s eye level, the importance of a stripper’s shoes should never be underestimated.

The mostly-male audiences are almost always guaranteed to be looking at the lady, not her shoes. However, the stripper needs to feel

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good about herself, and her own naked form is not exciting because she sees it every day. Her shoes are the only thing she has left on, and she needs to be happy with them. Stripper shoes can be open sandals, covered, or calf or knee-length boots. They are always high heels, sometimes as high as ten inches. Each performance needs the perfect footwear to compliment it, and the lady needs to be happy with and feel good about what she’s wearing. It’s not only the audience’s feeling that is important. They are often too easily pleased, but the performer gets up on stage several times an evening and she not only needs confidence, but also motivation to feel that each performance means something. Dancing several times an evening can be tiring and the ladies need something extra to get them in the sexiest mood before walking on stage.

Choosing stripper shoes, especially here in Sydney, doesn’t need to be a chore. In fact, it can and should be a pleasure. Browse these pages to get an idea of what you’re after, then pop in to the store see how you feel wearing the sexiest and best quality stripper shoes and stage performance footwear available in Australia. We have all the top brands, and stock a huge range of colours, designs, sizes and heel heights. Come and choose from the latest designs as soon as they are released, or spend the afternoon checking out the vast choice to find the perfect pair of shoes for your next important dance.

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