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Stripping is a performance art that some believe originated from the Middle East at the time of Babylon, morphing its way through the ages from belly dancing to pole dancing over thousands of years. Over the last 400 years Western striptease as developed into the Erotic dance that we know today performed by artists that we simply know as strippers.

Over the last century the word stripper has unfortunately conjured up images of sleazy images due to Hollywood movie scenes depicting smoky strip clubs with horny old men leering over naked girls. However these days with its more liberal society has not only accepted striptease as performance art but has brought about a generation of women who don’t think twice about incorporating erotic dance into their bedroom routine.

If you’re one of these women who enjoy getting your man into the mood, teasing and exciting him with his own private lap dance then it might be time to take it to the next level. Not only can you get your man in the mood by dancing like his own personal stripper but finish him off by dressing in ‘Exotic Dancewear’ from our online store.

Based in Sydney, the High Heels store specialises in some of the most exotic Stripper Clothing that you will find in Australia. In our Exotic Dancewear section you will find super sexy bikini tops and other erotic clothing items such as bikini bottoms, stripper bras, sexy hoodies and thongs and with a wide range of stripper shoes to choose from you can buy your outfit online here or pop into our High Heels store Surry Hills.