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The nightclub scene changes with the arrival of every new genre of music, in the 70’s it was ‘Disco’, in the early 80’s it was ‘New Wave’ but the real excitement came at the turn of the nineteen nighties with the arrival of ‘Acid House’ and ‘Rave’ that took the dance scene out of the clubs and into ‘Raves’ and Exclusive ‘all-nighter ‘parties. Not only was it an exciting time for music but it was an exciting time for fashion too introducing more variety and styles than ever before.

As dance music became more commercialized from the mid to late-90’s and the dance scene headed back into mainstream clubs there it saw a rise in beautiful people wearing sexy catwalk worthy fashions being seen  in places other than celebrity parties. Unfortunately though, over the next decade club fashion became bland once again and those exciting fashions that burst onto the dance floor just a few years before became the normal clubwear.

These days if you want to experience anything exciting in the way of nightclubbing then it’s back to the all exclusive party. If you’re lucky enough to live in the Sydney area there are brand new sexy party theme nights such as ‘Hot Kandi’ that offers a desirable ‘swank’ experience for those of you that are looking for more than just the average nightclub scene.

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