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Sometimes when a relationship or a marriage gets to a certain stage, it needs a little kick up the ass in the bedroom department. Many couples plan special intimate moments on occasions like Valentines Day and Halloween, dates on our calendar when you don’t have to feel uncomfortable dressing up in fantasy costumes, but when lovers still have that physical attraction to each other then there’s no reason why your fantasies shouldn’t come alive at least once a month!

If you are one of the gals that dressed up seductively last Valentines Day on got the desired reaction from your fella then if you haven’t already dressed up in a fantasy costume for him, then you should. Fantasy wear will take both your sexual imaginations to the next level to the next phase of pleasure.

Healthy sexy lives get healthier and stay stronger once you start to fulfill each other’s sexual needs and knowing what fantasies will get your lover aroused beyond control, and this is where the fun starts. Window shopping together for fantasy and fetish costumes can be an erotic experience all by itself and what can be more intimate than an online shop together in the romantic surroundings of your own boudoir.

At have one of the most amazing collections of fantasy costumes of the finest quality by brands like Forplay and with nine different sections including Cowgirl & Indians, Army, Sailor and Schoolgirl and Flight Staff we will keep you and your man excited right until your order arrives safely at your door. We have also have a fantastic selection of high heel shoes and platform boots to finish off your fantasy costume.