How to Choose Pole Dancing Shoes

With so many pretty pairs of shoes to pick from how do you find the perfect pair of pole dance shoes?

The first thing to consider is your level of ability, both how confident you are walking in heels and your ability on the pole. For beginners we generally recommend a mid size platform and a 6 inch heel with an ankle strap.  It is important that your shoe has a platform as this means that the heel will be less steep and the pole dance shoes will be much easier to move in.

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The ankle strap  is an absolute necessity until you reach and advanced level in Pole Dancing it will increase your stability, supporting your ankle & and very importantly it will stop you from hitting your instructor or customer with a flying shoe!

Pleaser shoes and Karos shoes have a so many styles and colours of pole dance shoes that it can be hard to choose! When selecting your style you need to be mindful of what you will be wearing it for for example rhinestone encrusted pole dance shoes are very popular at the moment but if you are wearing these shoes for regular practice rather than for shows or competitions you can expect to lose stones.

As you become more confident on the pole you may like to consider thigh high boots. Thigh high boots are great for pole because they give you a lot of extra grip with inversions and also protect your knees with floor work. The majority of our pole dance thigh high boots have a mid size platform and 6 inch heel so they are really comfortable to dance in!

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