Avoiding Unintentional Indecent Exposure Whilst Pole Dancing….

Avoiding unintentional indecent exposure whilst pole dancing….

Part of the joy of pole dancing is developing body confidence.  Pole dance is the ultimate body work out and is great for building muscle and toning your figure and is a far more fun work out than going to the gym!

Unfortunately unlike going to the gym it can be a bit harder to choose appropriate clothing or pole dance wear! I remember as a shy beginner slowing up to my first pole class in a t shirt and mid length shorts and then being traumatised looking into the intermediate class and seeing the girls in the advanced pole dance class in their skimpy shorts and tops. Like many girls I had body hang ups and would rather die than appear half naked in front of a room full of strangers.

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However I stuck with it and began moving through the classes. As I moved through the classes the clothing became shorter and more clingy as I found out that the pole only sticks to skin and not to clothing, I learnt this by falling on my head from a right leg hang when the pole caught my shorts instead of skin. For this reason I recommend wearing hot pants (I personally go for a cheeky cut) with either a lycra or spandex material as they will be tight fitting and you do not run the risk of exposing your ahem ‘undercarriage’!  For this reason it is very important to wear tightly fitting hot pants as I have often seen more of my class mates than I would like to! If you are not ready for hotpants yet a cute pair of ‘skorts’ will also do.

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Happy shopping and enjoy your new clothes and new shape!