Beginners Guide to Pole Dancing

Since I’ve been working at High Heels I’m constantly being asked by nervous women of various backgrounds and ages “I’m about to go to my first Pole Dance class, what do I need to bring?”

This takes me back two years to my first Pole Dance lesson.  I had come to the studio on a whim after seeing a flyer and I was completely unsure what to expect. With images from showgirls and striptease playing through my mind as I entered the studio I was blown away by the light and airy room sans smoke machine.

The instructor (who did kind of look a bit like Demi Moore from Strip Tease) immediately put me at ease and started me on some basic moves.

There was a number of things that I was not prepared for;

  1. Pole Dancing really hurts (I’ve got a whole blogs worth on this one!)
  2. Pole Dancing is really hard!
  3. It is really hard to dance and preform acrobatic feats in 6 inch platform shoes!
Pleaser High Heel Shoes

Pleaser High heels

I had been advised by the studio that I would need to bring shorts and heels to the class. Completely unaware of the rigors that a Pole Dancers shoes are subjected to I arrived with a new pair of heeled sandals and some running shorts. This was a mistake.

By the end of the class my shiny new sandals were scratched and damaged beyond repair and my baggy running shorts had led to what can only be described as indecent exposure.

Learning from this mistake I resolved never to sacrifice another pair of shoes in pursuit of the pole (and also to wear more secure pants).

During my time as a pole dancer and working at High Heels I have learnt all about what does and doesn’t work for Pole Dancers shoes and clothing.

If you are new to Pole Dance there are a few things that you need to be aware of when selecting your new shoes. Firstly Pole Dancing kills shoes so you need to be make sure that the shoes that you buy are well made and sturdy. Also as a beginner your shoes MUST have an ankle strap (learn from my mistakes on this one).  Make sure that the shoes that you buy are made by a brand that specializes in Pole Dance footwear, if you do not do this your shoes may not survive very long!

I know this isn’t much of a beginners guide to pole dancing but in my experience of poling I have found that Pleaser and Karos shoes are the most durable (my first pair has lasted 1.5 years and is still going strong!) For Pole newbies I recommend the Delight 609 shoe by Pleaser Shoes




It features a 5 ¾ heel, mid size platform and a secure ankle strap. “Oh my god I can’t even walk in heels that big” I hear you say – here’s the thing- it is actually easier to dance in heels. Heels mean that  you can reach higher up the pole and makes it easier to do some tricks. Dancing in heels also tones your thighs, butt and makes your legs look really long which is a win win situation! By the time you are in the intermediate class you will be coming back for a 7 inch pair of high heels!