Platform Boots at Affordable Prices and With Free Shipping

High Heel Platform BootS - Extraordinary

Thigh High Platform BootS – Extraordinary

There’s nothing sexier than a lady who is wearing a pair of platform boots. The extra height given to her by wearing platform soles adds to the sexiness of her boots which may cover just the calves or go up as high as her thighs. While most sexy boots are still in the traditional black, we have a wide range of colours in many styles and every popular size, as well as smaller and larger than usual. Our platform boots also come at the best prices, and with free shipping across Australia.

Our range starts at prices lower than $100 and only one or two pairs are just over $200. This makes choosing even more difficult, but we know our customers just love browsing the pages. Most end up buying more than they first planned to, then come back for more in a month or less. The popularity of our stocks of platform boots comes from the quality, prices and the service which we feel is second to none.

Buying platform boots at affordable prices online is very simple, and can save lots of time and money. The problem is choosing between our dozens of designs in a wide variety of colours. While our Delight range is very popular and has the most designs, Adore is the current best seller. The Kiss 3000 is also easily in the top ten, mainly due to the in-your-face sexiness, quality and excellent price. For those who don’t want to follow the crowds the Delight 3028 has buckles and laces to drive any man wild.

Lengths vary for our platform boots, but calf-length and thigh-high boots make up our current top ten of most popular styles, with fewer knee-length platform boots being as popular. The Adore 2000 series are extremely sexy, and featured during this period. The Adore 2043 are arguably the most outrageous boots available. They have 6” heels, 8 buckles and a side zip. And at just $149, they are excellent value. At a similar price and less, there is a good selection of ankle-length platform boots in colours other than black. The Blondie R-1008 complements the slightly less expensive Delight 1018 range. Finally, as far as our customers are concerned, the stretch-fit lycra Delight 3005 are among the best rated platform boots on sale, and they come in a range of colours with 6” heels.

Our range of platform boots is constantly changing, yet always great. Please enjoy browsing the pages and contact us with any questions.

One of the best selections of High Heel Shoes in Australia

Buy 3 inch heels to 8 inch high heels

Buy 3 inch high heel shoes to 8 inch high heels

As our name suggests, we sell high heel shoes across Australia and around the world. Our range includes all kinds of footwear, mainly for females. There are speciality shoes, and more run of the mill simple and sexy footwear. Of course, our main stocks are shoes with high heels. If we haven’t got a model, line, style or colour in stock, it’s probably not worth having!

Why do women like to wear high heel shoes? Of course, their perceived height is increased, giving them confidence at work or in social circles as well as making their legs look longer. It appears to be a natural for men to prefer ladies with longer legs, and ladies certainly like to be attractive to men, for whatever reason or end goal. Not only do women like to wear high heel shoes, or at least be seen to be wearing them, they also like shopping for them. Men will never be able to fathom how his partner can spend so much time looking for, collecting and organizing her footwear. But then ask a man why he enjoys spending so much time watching sport or drinking with buddies. It’s the same kind of thing. However, with busy lifestyles and technology taking over the world, it’s now easy, fun and common to shop online. While women can’t enjoy the touching and trying on, they are able to waste much more time shopping online for shoes, and do so from the office, sofa, bath tub or travelling on a train or bus.

Our shoes include specialty uses, and all the best brands. Whether it’s a pair of simple 3” heels you’re after or thigh high boots with 8” heels, we are confident that we have items in stock for you to choose your size in your preferred colour. We even have men’s high heel shoes and oversize shoes for both men and women. Our prices are surprisingly low, and most domestic orders include free shipping. There really is no reason to drive into town and try to find a parking spot. Nor is there any need to browse other websites for the best selection of high heel shoes online in Australia. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us today to see if we have it on a page you haven’t checked. There are also plenty of styles in a range of sizes and colours which never make it to our interactive online website pages.

Footwear for Larger Ladies – Bought & Sold Sensitively

Plus Size High Footwear

Plus Size High Footwear

Women all over the world come in all shapes and sizes. Many of them are acutely aware of their physical appearance, regardless of their age, culture or nationality. In most westernized nations, slim body shapes are preferred, whereas in African and Arabic cultures, more rounded or voluptuous shapes are desirable. Larger ladies can easily buy plus size clothing, in styles and colours to match any occasion. Women can do many things do control their weight, but they can do nothing about the size of the feet that their parents’ genes gave them.

Regardless of our diets, lifestyles, and how much we care about or weight or shape, we can do nothing about how big or small our feet are. Therefore, women who would like to buy pair of shoes are limited by which styles are available in their sizes. Ladies with larger than average feet have far less choice than the rest. While most others with an ounce of common sense or decency understand that foot size is purely genetic and should have no stigma attached at all, it can be both difficult and distressing for ladies with large feet to buy a pair of shoes, especially stylish or fashionable footwear. We have a vast range of women’s shoes, including many different styles in larger sizes, ideal for big-boned ladies. Plus size women’s shoes are among our most popular lines, and our sales staff, both online and on premises, are extremely sensitive and understanding.

Plus Size High Heel Boots

Plus Size High Heel Boots

Buying shoes online is becoming more and more popular. This is not just for those who can’t find what they are after in high street stores or those who are too shy to ask about sizes which are rarely available. It is extremely convenient for those who don’t have the time, money or inclination to travel to, park at, and pay store prices. Lower overheads for online stores lead to lower retail prices, which are attractive for those after cheap shoes, regardless of the size, style and reason for use. This includes all kinds of footwear for larger ladies including plus size boots and shoes. Our range of styles in a wide range of sizes is unbeatable, as is our service and competitive prices. Ladies who may be apprehensive to ask about larger size footwear need look no further. We stock a huge range of plus size women’s shoes available at the cheapest rates, without compromising quality or service.

Quality Wedding Heels for Brides on their Big Day, and Night!

Wedding Heels for Brides

Wedding Heels for Brides

Ladies around the world become extremely serious about what they wear on the day that they get married. The wedding dress is the most talked about item of clothing, followed by her hair, make up and shoes. While hair and make up are very temporary and usually don’t make it past the next shower, the wedding dress and shoes are absolutely tangible. Nothing for a bride’s appearance comes cheap, and this is something that has to be considered during the preparation and build up to the special day.

While skimping on the price of some things can usually work for everyday life, weddings need to look and be authentically expensive, extravagant even. The wedding dress can never be worn again, purely due to its nature, style and design. However, wedding shoes, if chosen carefully, can be worn both on the special day and at a few events thereafter. While bridal shoes need to be special, they can also be relatively normal white shoes with high heels, such as a pair of stilettos. While the purchase of a wedding dress is a very personal thing, the shoes often take a bit of a back seat, and many brides to be actually choose to shop for and order their wedding shoes online. Buying shoes online doesn’t just mean that they are an afterthought or something that’s not important. Nor does it mean that the chosen footwear are cheap shoes with wedding heels for brides.

The best quality wedding and bridal shoes can be bought online at low prices, and delivered with money-back guarantees. There’s no need to waste a lot of time and money on products which are normally very important and special but maybe less of a priority when it comes to one’s special day.

In addition, our bridal and wedding footwear – however important and special – can be chosen, ordered, bought and delivered at prices which are extremely competitive. This can then free up funds for all of the other expensive items and services for that special day that cannot be ordered online.

Take a look through our interactive pages to choose the very best styles and colours in a wide range of sizes. There you will find a wide choice of the latest styles, and surely find something that none of your friends have worn before. Our range of bridal shoes is extensive in both its styles and the sizes which we offer.

High Heel Ankle Boots, Ankle Boots with High Heels

High Heel Ankle Boots

High Heel Ankle Boots

Women’s footwear comes in a very wide range of styles and colours. The demand is ever changing, partly due to the very nature of fashion and also partly because the competitiveness of consumers who want something different to their peers. Therefore, while designers try to stay ahead of the market and offer ladies something different enough to be noticed but not too different, retail outlets have a range of products which never remains static.

Women wear shoes and boots for a variety of reasons, but it is fair to claim that the majority of ladies care about their appearance at least as much as their comfort and safety. For example, the heel on many ladies’ shoes are higher, to enhance the wearer’s appearance as well as her perceived height. A pair of high-heel shoes is rarely comfortable to wear, but the ladies appear prepared to make the sacrifice. Comfort and stability can come from boots, which offer support to the ankle and lower leg. However, not everyone wants to wear a pair of long boots, either due to their appearance or them being quite hot or restricting movement. The best compromise to ensure support, sexy looks and comfort can usually be found in a pair of high heel ankle boots.

High heel ankle boots are an ideal way to increase your height, maintain support not found in a pair of stilettos, and provide a great appearance, which is both sexy and sophisticated. Wearing heels doesn’t need to include the risks of a twisted ankle, and wearing boots doesn’t always have to be restrictive and hot. Ankle-length boots are an ideal way to enjoy the best of both worlds, and can come in a selection of heel heights / lengths. While the most daring ladies will select a pair of high heel ankle boots, to attract the attention and gaze of onlookers, shorter heels are less ‘in your face’ and give the person wearing them more ability to walk quickly or run, in addition to being less likely to ‘give’ and result in an embarrassing accident. The definition of boots can be quite varied, but anything covering the ankle and most of the foot is regarded as the norm. To be considered high, heels should increase the height of the person wearing them by at least two inches, and often considerably more. Therefore, high heel ankle boots can come in a variety of styles, but almost all are sure to increase the attractiveness of the wearer while offering more support, comfort and confidence than a regular pair of high heel shoes can.

Pin Up Shoes For Ladies Who Want Attention All Day Long

Pin Up Shoes and Burlesque Footwear

Pin Up Shoes and Burlesque Footwear

Shoes for ladies who want to grab the attention or limelight don’t need to be too outlandish or uncomfortable. While the heels should be higher than average, and the colours bright enough to be noticed, there’s no need to go overboard just to catch others’ eyes. Pin-up shoes and burlesque shoes fit nicely into the category of ‘sexy, but not over the top.’ These styles are guaranteed to be noticed, but in a way that attracts the attention of others in a seductive or even mysterious way more than the ‘wow factor’ of long leather boots or bright-red stilettos.

Our customers choose to wear pin up burlesque shoes for a number of reasons. Some wear them to work and others shopping, but most are worn for a night out, and to complement an attractive outfit, with jewellery and coiffured hair. Regardless of the reason or event, burlesque pin up shoes offer the best of everything. They have heel lengths and styles to get the right attention from others. They’re not overly uncomfortable, and can therefore be worn and walked in for extended periods. And the range of styles and colours & designs ensures that the wearer can be confident of being the only person at the event wearing a particular pair.

We stock a variety of high-heeled footwear for ladies, and even some styles for men. Our stock is always of the highest quality and available in a wide range of popular sizes, as well as sizes which are larger or smaller than what is considered normal. Due to our huge customer base, we are able to stock and supply footwear in large quantities, ensuring that we always have the size and style required, but we also have the latest designs, colours, and materials.

Our customers are based all over the world, and they can take advantage of our professional and personal customer service and our efficient delivery service. For walk-in customers, there is a labyrinth of shelves to be perused and enjoyed at leisure.  Whether you are after a pair of shoes or boots for an office party, to dance on stage, lure members of the opposite sex, or just look a few inches taller, we have the footwear for you. While we specialize in ladies’ shoes and boots which are designed to be more attractive than sensible, we cater for both genders, all tastes and fetishes, and can supply all sizes and to destinations around the world.


Wedding Shoes, Wedding Heels and Bridal Shoes

Burlesque Wedding Shoes

Burlesque Wedding Shoes and Bridal Shoes

Ladies all over the world care about their appearance, especially in public. Their hair, jewellery, makeup, clothing, handbags and, of course, footwear are all vital in providing an appearance of attractiveness, beauty or sexiness. When at work or out socializing, ladies like to both fit in and look special among their peers. However, there are times when ladies absolutely must look better than everyone else, and that is on their wedding day. It’s a sad truth that almost every other woman at a wedding will be scrutinizing the appearance of the bride. From her hair, makeup, dress and how everything compliments her figure or otherwise, down to her choice of shoes for her special day.

Now, as well as looking beautiful and socializing with others all day long, the bride has to walk up the aisle, and this is watched by everyone present. A pair of high-heeled wedding shoes or even boots may grab the limelight, but the way she walks is extremely important to the success of the day. In addition, she will spend much of the day on her feet, and needs to do so while smiling naturally. Bridal shoes need to look special, but they also need to be comfortable and safe. A decent sole and heel are vital to ensure that the bride is able to get through her special day happily, and comfortably. Burlesque bridal shoes, sometimes referred to as burlesque wedding shoes, are an ideal balance of comfort and looks. They are designed to add height and flair, but while not compromising the comfort, safety and stability while walking the aisle and socializing while standing.

Now, for a wedding, the bride just has to be wearing something amazing but also something that none of her friends, colleagues, family or peers have worn before, especially at a wedding function. It is absolutely vital for the chosen footwear – and everything else she wears – to be something in fashion, yet different. It’s extremely difficult for a bride-to-be to make the right choices, but our range of styles in stock and our helpful sales staff will make this decision a lot easier. Although having such a wide range to choose from can make choices more difficult, it is extremely important that every bride-to-be can be sure she is choosing from a selection that is sure not to have been worn by anyone she knows.

Visit us in person or browse through our pages of burlesque wedding & bridal footwear to see the huge range of wonderful shoes to be worn by brides on their special day. We have the latest styles in a wide range of sizes, and all of them at competitive prices and with fast delivery.

Pole Dance Shoes for Pole Dancers

Sexy Pole Dancing Shoes by Pleaaser

Sexy Pole Dancing Shoes by Pleaaser

Almost every occupation in the world requires footwear to be worn. Although some jobs don’t, most do. One of the jobs where the footwear worn is most important is pole dancing.

Although pole dancing is still considered to be an occupation in the sex industry, it has recently evolved to much more than that. There are now even universities and colleges treating it as a genuine, and respectable, career path. Regardless of how pole dancers are viewed by others, the occupation will continue to be popular in the western world. Slim and sexy young ladies perform up, down and around stainless steel poles on a stage, in an effort to stimulate and entertain their audience, most of whom are normally males drinking alcohol.

When a pole dancer enters the stage, she may be wearing a costume, some sexy lingerie or almost nothing at all. Most commonly, by the end of the performance, she will be wearing very little or nothing in the form of clothing. Make up and jewellery will bring some colour to her face and upper body, but more often than not, there will be very little covering up her skin below the waist. That is, apart from what she wears on her feet.

For an impressive and effective pole dance, the performer needs absolute confidence in her footwear. This confidence is vital for at least two reasons. Firstly, her ability to physically perform her dance is dependent on the pole dance shoes or boots that she wears. A low quality pair or ones which don’t fit will make it either difficult or dangerous, increasing the risk of injury. Secondly, she needs to feel good. This is not just the feeling of comfort and that the shoes or boots will stand up to the job, but also another kind of feeling. Women and ladies are very sensitive about their appearance in the eyes of others. If they want or mean to look attractive, they are very conscious of how attractive they may appear to others. This is the same for ladies who are attempting to draw attention from onlookers by being sexy. Shoes for pole dancers should look sexy, Because if pole dancers don’t feel that they look sexy, this will inhibit their confidence and performance.

Pole dance shoes and boots are probably the most important item that a pole dancing lady will wear during her performance. They enable her to do what she’s paid for, and do so in comfort and safety. Also, they help her to feel that she looks good, and that invariably affects how much she can earn from each dance.

2014-2015 Post Christmas High Heels Sale, Sydney

Post Christmas High Heels Sale Now On!

Post Christmas High Heels Sale Now On!

It’s the holiday season again and at High Heels, Surry Hills we are celebrating the end of one of our best years yet and we hope you will celebrate with us. To see in the New Year 2015 we are holding one of our finest in store sales to date, we have cut the prices on hundreds of pairs of high heel shoes and platform boots. Our Post Christmas high heels sale starts on the 19th December 2014 through til January 2015, so come and visit us at our High Heels shoe store in Surry Hills to see what’s on offer. With hundreds of pairs on sale your guaranteed to find something you like.

Post Christmas Sale at High Heels

Surry Hills, Sydney

Large Discounts on a Wide Selection of

High Heel Shoes and Boots

Whether you are looking for something great to wear for the New Year, or looking for sexy gifts to give your loved ones then pay a visit to our super friendly store in Surry Hills. We have a wide range of high heel shoes and boots to choose from pole dance shoes, burlesque boots and shoes, to Platform boots and stripper heels.


Buying Plus Size Boots and Shoes

Plus Size Boots

Plus Size Boots

Nearly everyone in the world cares about their appearance. It’s human, and most animals’, instinct to want to appeal to the opposite sex. As humans, we do this with both our actions and our looks, especially our clothing and footwear.

Some of us, however are different sizes and shapes from most of the people around us. The manufacturers of clothing and footwear focus on the sizes which sell well to the majority, and they are aware of the risks of producing too much of something that could become unfashionable or outdated before stocks are sold. Therefore, it is not as easy as some people may presume to buy plus size clothing, including plus size dresses. Retail stores stick to what they know they will sell, and many larger customers, especially ladies, fear the embarrassment of being told ‘I’m sorry but we don’t stock your size’ then having to turn and walk out. This is also the case with ladies’ shoes. The most fashionable styles come in sizes for elegant and petite ladies. This is not fair for those of us who are big-boned, tall or a little overweight. Buying wedding shoes is just one example.

Luckily, there are lots of styles in our range of shoes for men and women of all shapes and sizes. Not only do we have what we feel is the widest range of specialist footwear, most retail shopping with us is all done online or over the phone. There’s no stigma or need to feel self-conscious. Buying shoes online has become extremely popular in recent years, especially with faster internet becoming available to more people and the trusted payment methods, such as PayPal and other online card payments. Gone are the days when most online merchants didn’t care about a bad reputation. The internet is now everything and everywhere. Business is big, reputations matter, and shipping is fast. Although the act of walking around shops and trying on items of clothing in front of the mirror will always appeal to some, there is an equal number of people who have their own reasons to prefer to buy online.

Our vast range of stock can be easily browsed by search criteria within the site and the images can be examined in detail with our enlarger feature. Our sales staff are professional, helpful and sensitive. Payments can be made in a number of ways, and dispatch is almost immediate. Why risk the disappointment (or worse) of not finding what plus size boots or shoes you are looking for in a High Street shop or department store? Browse our pages, contact us, and enjoy the best shopping experience possible from your home, office or on the move from a smartphone or tablet.